Online order

Group NPI provides unique access to its customers. In turn, this grants the customer the opportunity to navigate on our smart platform that is safe and user-friendly.

Catalogue and safe online orders

Thanks to your access number, you will be able to consult our online catalogue, and know the number of products available in real time. You will also be able to make price inquiries to our representatives by selecting our online products or ordering yourself.

« Group NPI’s platform allows me to raise my sales, and to enhance the follow-up with our customers. »

Customer access

You may consult your file any time you wish:

  • About the follow-up of your orders
  • See your Price Inquiries
  • See Pending Orders
  • See your billing history
  • Create a list of your favorite products

To obtain an access number and use these tools click here or communicate with your representative. Group NPI has always made it a point to meet their customers’ needs.